Abortion Care is Healthcare

As of May 2023, a 12-week abortion ban has been in effect in Nebraska.

How To Talk about Abortion Care

We have joined the Protect Our Rights Campaign, a ballot initiative to protect abortion rights in the Nebraska State Constitution.

Protect Our Rights is a coalition of Nebraskans and local reproductive health, rights and justice organizations working to return the right to make important decisions around abortion care to patients and their health care providers, not the government. 


Call it an “abortion ban” that takes decisions away from Nebraskans and their medical providers

Pregnancy points

Health decisions “throughout a pregnancy,” “at different points of pregnancy” or “as the pregnancy progresses.” “Barriers make it harder for someone to get an abortion as soon as they decide.”

Barrier to Care

Talk about the barrier to care and the impact of forcing someone to stay pregnant.

Emphasize medical procedure

Emphasize that abortion is a medical procedure and that health needs should drive decisions.

Abortion is safe and it must stay legal.

What is risky and wrong is the criminalization of people who have abortions.

Why is this important?

Focusing on weeks and trimesters leads to people thinking about babies and less about the pregnant person and the impact of forcing someone to stay pregnant. 

Focusing on statistics doesn’t answer people’s questions about why a person may need an abortion… it implies fewer is better, which can be stigmatizing. 

Saying abortions should be rare can be stigmatizing, implying that abortion is not something that should be happening; thus, it should be rare and reduced. 

We don’t want to undermine the availability and safety of abortion now or in the future with more restrictive laws.  

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