Who We Are

Her Story

We are the energy, essence and deserve a world where Black, femmes and girls live in wholeness.

I Be Black Girl (IBBG) is a reproductive justice organization that leads with boldness, innovation and inspiration, actively creating a radical change-making culture that centers Black women, femmes and girls. Inspired by the work of bell hooks, Alice Walker, Audre Lorde and other Black feminist and womanist, our organization provides transformational change at the intersections of gender and race.

The term “I Be,” framed by author bell hooks in Be Boy Buzz, inspired IBBG’s founder to fill spaces with what it means to exist as a Black woman, femme or girl — where we are free to define and own that narrative.

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Our Values

Black centric

We’re Black all the time, period. Therefore, we will always work on behalf of, for, and in thoughtful collaboration with Black women, femme and girls – recognizing the gradients in our experiences and stories.


We operate from radical truth, authenticity, and maintain a deep sense of value and worth.


We are thought leaders who amplify the power and choice that we hold as Black women, femmes and girls. We influence spaces that were thought to be untouchable, build spaces that are for us- by us, lead conversation, shape narratives and serve where, when, and how we decide.

Awards and Affirmations

2019 Urban League Nebraska African American Leadership Award.

2019 NAM Catalyst Award

2019 NAACP Partner Award