Community Birth work

Doula Passage Program

The Doula Passage Program (DPP) is an intentional learning environment designed to provide education and support to community-based doulas.

Program goals

  • Create a program that allows doulas to feel equipped to provide the necessary support to Black pregnant and birthing women and people
  • Create a shared learning platform for Black doulas in Nebraska
    Provide peer support and mentorship for Black doulas
  • Create models that allows for Nebraska to recognize and reimburse doula services
  • Create a standard of care and build expectations for the relationship between pregnant and birthing people and their doula(s)
  • Role model a structure that can ripple and help better serve other birthing populations of color


 The hands-on experiences, role plays, and simulations during the training were invaluable in building my confidence and honing my skills. Your constructive feedback, patience, and willingness to address our questions and concerns ensured that we had a comprehensive understanding of the doula role and responsibilities… serving as a solid foundation for my future practice as a doula.

Antionette, Program Participant

Interested In Becoming A Doula?

The 2024 Doula Passage Program Applications are CLOSED.