I Be Black Girl Gives

Centering Black women, femmes and girls through collective giving  

Black women and femmes are at the helm of every social movement in our history, yet we receive the least amount of resources and funding needed to do this integral work. 

We know that traditional philanthropy was not created with or in the image of Black women; however, Black women have always been philanthropic. 

The practice of Black women not being allowed to bring their whole selves into spaces of philanthropy while funding in the name of liberation has had lasting impacts. Historically, Black generosity and philanthropy have created their own tables of progress, especially to support Black futures, and I Be Black Girl is no different (Feminist Strategy). 

Let's Break it Down

“Of the $356 million from foundations available for women and girls of color (WGOC) in 2017, less than $15 million, about 4.2%, was specified as benefitting Black women and girls.”

I Be Black Girl Gives (IBBGives) is a giving circle in Omaha, Nebraska, that centers Black women, femmes and girls through collective giving. A giving circle is formed when individuals come together and pool their dollars, decide where to give the money (and other resources, such as volunteering time), and learn about their community.

I Be Black Girl creates a platform allowing Black women, femmes and our allies to pool resources that are collectively reinvested in programs led by and support Black women, femmes and girls.

While there were other giving circles in the Omaha metro prior to IBBGives, none were specifically dedicated to investing in the lives of Black women, femmes and girls. IBBGives founding members recognized that philanthropy in Omaha looks and operates the same, often leaving out folks who are the closest to the issues and solutions. IBBGives is changing the landscape of philanthropy in the Omaha metro and invites Black women, femmes and girls to give in a way that is meaningful to us. 

We want to fund projects that:

Serve at least 75% Black women, femmes and/or girls
Are led by Black women, femmes and/or girls
Provide IBBGives members an opportunity to volunteer
Reflect our values of humanity, equity and empowerment

Based on research done by Grantmakers for Girls of Color, we are also interested in projects that reflect these priorities and guiding principles:

  • Increase support for basic necessities and critical supportive services  
  • Focus on innovative health and wellness support  
  • Focus on educational equity and opportunity  
  • Have ongoing engagement with girls and young women (youth-led initiatives)  
  • Emphasize resilience, not deficits  
  • Recognize historical, demographic and political context  
  • Are collective in nature and not competitive  

Past Grantees

Curls on the Block  

Empower Me – Alyssa’s Piano Studio  

Ladies in Information Technology (LITT)  

Peace of Mine Self-Care Retreat  

My Sister’s Keeper  

The Keys Foundation/Confidently Me Mentoring Program

Heartbeat Dance  

Ladies in Information Technology (LIIT)  

Metro Omaha Women’s Business Center  

Wonderfully Made  


Smart Girls Travel Foundation  

The Keys Foundation 

Art Bus  

Touch of Gold  

Room for Roots – Priscilla’s Way  

Omaha Black Doula Collective  

Ladies in Information Technology (LIIT)  

Wonderfully Made 

The Keys Foundation  

The Relationship Corner  

UNO Black Excellence  

Youth for Greater Good  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Apply?

Applicants must be organizations/projects serving and are led by Black women and girls in Omaha. Applicants do not have to be affiliated with a 501c3 nonprofit organization to apply for funding. Organizations and those leading community projects of all sizes and capacities (especially small, grassroots efforts) with budgets under $500,000 are strongly encouraged to apply! If you have questions about eligibility, email hello@ibeblackgirl.org  

To be a voting member of IBBGives, you must identify as a Black woman, femme or girl and give a minimum of $150 before the December 31st year-end deadline.  

If you do not identify as a Black woman but still want to support the initiative, please donate using the link below. 

Only investors who who donate a minimum of $150 and identify as a Black woman, femme or girl will be able to participate in the decision-making process. 

Donate here!