Black Maternal Health Innovation Projects

Using a Collective Action Framework, we are catalyzing a movement to disrupt the systems that perpetuate the incidence of maternal morbidity, mortality and traumatic care experiences using strategies that center the voices, experiences, and leadership of Black women and Black birthing people.

Our Approach

We work with various partners across Nebraska to address the inequities, trauma and violence within the maternal health sector. We are creating transformational system change will require a comprehensive approach that addresses Black maternal health across the life course.

This includes the following:

Expand access to culturally relevant and trusted providers, community-based care and various kinds of birth workers

Expand access and resources to quality, patient-centered, comprehensive reproductive and obstetric health care

Expand policy, including paid family and medical leave, postpartum coverage and bias training for medical practitioners

Address the pay inequity for Black women and femmes in the workforce

Collect and disaggregate maternal and reproductive health data by race and gender

Our goal is to expand access and resources to quality and culturally relevant maternal health services through policy, research, and organizing while amplifying the voices and experiences of Black women and birthing people.