So Black women, femmes, and girls can authentically be.

I Be Black Girl serves as a collective for Black women, femmes and girls to actualize their full potential to authentically be, through autonomy, abundance and liberation.


We’ve identified our areas of genius and center the initiatives, programs, experts, and practitioners, on the ground who’ve prioritized the wellbeing and equitable outcomes for Black women, girls, and femmes.

Birth Justice

Using a Collective Action Framework, I Be Black Girl is catalyzing a movement to disrupt the systems that perpetuate incidence of maternal morbidity, mortality and traumatic care experiences using strategies that center the voices, experiences, and leadership of Black women and Black birthing people.

Get Involved

We’re always seeking the essence and energy of Black women, girls, and femmes to enrich our work.


Together, we can help Black women, femmes, and girls actualize their full potential to authentically be, through autonomy, abundance, and liberation.


Black women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs in the U.S., yet they face disproportionate financial headwinds. Learn how we're changing the narrative.


Black women are historically at the helm of every social movement but receive the least amount of resources and funding needed to do this integral work. Learn how we're addressing disparities in philanthropic giving.

Listen to our curated playlist for Black mamas and birthing people.