the background

Why Black Women & Business?

Recent growth in the rate of business ownership by Black women has been faster than any other group in the nation. From 2002-11, the number of businesses owned by Black women increased 179 percent compared with 52 percent for all women-owned businesses and 20 percent for all businesses. However, many Black women who own businesses have difficulty accessing credit and face capital constraints.

What Can We Do?

  • Expand research on Black women business owners & founders
  • Create more access to diverse funding sources¬†
  • Develop local, culturally relevant business education and training programs that center and are led by Black women & femmes

What Is The Catalyst?

The Catalyst was launched to support Black women & femme business owners by addressing the opportunities above.

Promise to entrepreneurs

To provide intentional space for Black women founders to actualize their entrepreneurial vision & gain economic liberation


To provide information, support and learnings specific to/focused on Black women looking to start, grow and maintain their business

Meet out 2021-2022 Catalyzers

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