A 10-week hybrid accelerator launched to support Black women and femme founders and actualize their entrepreneurial and business goals

What To Expect

The Catalyst program has been carefully designed to provide intentional space for Black women & femme founders to actualize their entrepreneurial vision & gain economic liberation. At I Be Black Girl, our mission is to provide information, support and education specific to Black women looking to start, grow and maintain their business.  During the 10-week program, applicants will engage with our unique online learning platform and curate and build a peer network. They will also gain access to resources, professional services and actionable toolkits to help build, grow or maintain their business.  

Why Black Women and Business?  

Recent growth in the rate of business ownership by Black women has been faster than any other group in the nation. (Source)  

However, many Black women who own businesses have difficulty accessing credit and face capital constraints. 

What Can We Do?


research on Black women business owners and founders

more access to diverse funding sources  

local, culturally relevant business education and training programs that center and are led by Black women and femmes  

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Eligible?

This program is exclusive to Black women, femme and girl startup founders in the greater Omaha metro area  

Eligible applicants are required to complete an application online.   

Applications for the 2024 Catalyst cohort are closed. Be on the lookout for our 2025 Catalyst program! 

There is no cost for participation

Selected participants will participate in a hybrid learning model. Within the program, participants will be using an e-learning platform and attending both in-person and virtual meetings  

In addition to tailored support to scale your business, all participants will receive a grant after the successful completion of the course to invest in their business