Capital Campaign

A For Us, By Us option that centers Black women, femmes and girls in our community.

I Be Black Girl is embarking upon a capital campaign to renovate space in the heart of North Omaha to house our work! This space will enable our organization to have a consistent, physical presence in North Omaha from which to conduct leadership development and entrepreneurial programming, scale our birth justice initiatives, and to disseminate information which addresses the comprehensive needs of Black women, femmes, and girls.

The Black Birthing Resource Center will house a spectrum of birth workers and partners to ensure Black mamas and birthing people have more accessibility, choice, and autonomy in their birthing journey — in one community-based location.

Not to mention, our Catalyst Program will also be housed in the space and serve as a business accelerator. We understand that supporting Black women business owners spurs local economic growth and community sustainability. 

This space is a For Us, By Us option that centers those most impacted and is rooted within our community. The leased space is located on 24th and Miami, centrally located in the urban core of the historic footprint of the Black community, on a bus line and close to major community resources. 

Black women, femmes, and girls deserve full, uninhibited access to comprehensive information and resources and we are thrilled to bring this much-needed space to our communities.

We need your support to actualize this community space.

We need to raise $1,000,000 to cover the costs of the capital developments for the renovated space, which is being managed by Blair Freeman Group, the only Black woman-owned construction company in Omaha. 

$100,000 of this $1M is to be raised in partnership with community members, like you!